City Magazine – Montenegro, Serbia – New Collection by Bojana Ugresic – Spring Summer 2018

What can be noticed at first are lovely and rich materials, used for making of maxi dresses for special occasions. „Silk, organdie, muslin in fluttering and rich layers of milky white, powdery pink and lipstick red produce the image of a woman, reflecting strength that can be symbolically presented by duality and unity of femininity and strength at the same time. Fine materials, long silhouettes, sensual depicting of female curves and balancing with draped elements, merging around female figure bring the collection together,“ Bojana Ugrešić said. The inspiration for creating of this collection was nature in all its shapes and forms, which is why the sun and water, as well as elements of beautiful exterior in Montenegro along with several vibrant garments represent perfect environment for this story. The campaign for this collection was done within the period of five days, while video and photographs depict the atmosphere of Petrovac, Sveta Nedelja island, Reževići, Perast, Big Beach and Our Lady of the Rocks in the best light possible. All the details of the campaign for spring/summer collection for 2018 will be available on the web site
www.bojanaugresic.com as of September.

Bojana Ugrešić, young fashion designer and stylist from Novi Sad, chose Montenegro as a location for shooting of photographs for promotional material for the collection Spring/ Summer 2018. The collection was inspired by Beauty and femininity. By using gracious and elegant forms of five types of silk and finest natural fabrics, she interprets the connection between soul, body and mind as elements of trinity, enveloping all parts of the campaign, as well brand’s values.

I am inspired by the scope of light and universe, beauty, art coming from various
sources, range of sea ports and strength of human soul. I feel completely fulfilled by travels, nature outings and time spent with people I love.

Bojana Ugrešić has MSc in Economics, she graduated in the department of Marketing. By working as a creative director on fashion campaigns and fashion week events, as well as a stylist, designer, she had the opportunity to learn a lot about this business from various angles in the past 12 years. She would like to position her fashion brand in the region with the help of her team.

Photography: Rale Radovic, Aleksandar Kerekes Keky

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