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Know Yourself | 12


Collection 12 22 Know Yourself is a form of a map. With a wish to give the personal imprint or a clue for the most essential things of being – in its body, mind, and soul.

You will find that this time - first with numbers, and mirror-or reflection presented through scenography, then with shape and forms we have the diversity of looks integrated with geometry. A comfortable and stylish appearance gives freshness of future in whole aesthetics. We have 12 different vibes and chapters and in their shapes and forms, and you will find one personal story of being, valuing, thinking, feeling, creating and healing, loving, exchanging, transforming, giving, learning, and then knowing, reflecting, and transforming through believing. Each of the 12 chapters is a world and topic of its own and they are together, integrated into one. Enjoy a story of 12 that will find its reflections and people in 2022. The best is yet to come, love Bojana

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