Metamorphoses 23


There are points in life that are crucial for personal development.

You usually pass through those periods when you are deeply touched by the invisible force with the purpose of strengthening your faith. From points in which energy and surroundings in your life are changed, to cleaning inside and outside space, growing and outgrowing situations, waking up, and showing up for yourself.

Sometimes you may be required to work through it alone physically, so trust that during this period you're being directed toward peace, healing, and growth. Maybe that was not the thing you wanted, but if you allowed yourself to feel everything, you will understand that you needed it. In this collection, black serves as a symbol of metamorphosis. This is the process of profound physical changes that occur in nature as a result of the transformation from an immature to an adult form. The complete metamorphosis occurs through four stages egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Golden details are here to remind you that you should trust in the process and in your dreams. Those are the sacred spaces for your soul path and healing.

Imagine, what could you be if you let go of the remains of who you were, the things that stop you from becoming the most authentic version of yourself? Best, Bojana

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