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Shooting for Domaca Koka tvc was placed in Serbia, near Subotica and working with Eighty Four Frames production was a great experience as always. Styling elements combined with natural elements gave us the energy of family and organic – natural atmosphere. The initiative of the company is to connect and promote the development of organic chicken farm growth. 

Projekat: TVC
Klijent: Domacakoka.rs
Produkcija: Eighty Four Frames
Reditelj i Direktor fotografije: Nemanja Pavlovic
Rediteljev prvi asistent: Branko Beokovic
Making Of Videographer: Vida Jovic
Fotograf (Making Of): Damir Vujkovic
Kolorista: Nemanja Pavlovic
Gafer: Stefan Jovanovic, Mikan Djordjevic
Scenarista: Ana Maric
Ilustrator: Djurdja Okiljevic
Gaferi: Stefan Jovanovic, Mikan Djordjevic
Prvi asistent reditelja: Branko Beokovic
Video: Vida Jovic (Making Of)
Montaža: Adobe Premiere, Graded in DaVinci Resolve, compositing and animation in After Effects.
Stilista: Bojana Ugresic
Asistent: Urmenyi Robert
Kompozitor i dizajner zvuka: Bojan Bojic
Muzički kompozitor i dizajner zvuka: Bojan Bojic
Glas: Natasa Djordjevic Tadic and Milos Maksimovic
Snimano sa: Filmed with Red Scarlet Weapon + XEEN lenses.
Posebna zahvalnost: Mexx, Sting, United Colours of Benetton, Sisley and Beosport Serbia for collaboration and for providing me elements of wardrobe styling and clothing in this TVC.
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