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TVC – Nestle – Thomy Mayonnaise

- Tvc -

TVC shooting for Nestle Thomy Mayonnaise – was placed in Belgrade and i worked as a stylist and costume deigner for the Artvark production team.

It is always a pleasure to work with this creative team and people.

This time with the clothing elements and styling we were presenting different people coming from different backgrounds and interests.

This TVC is in a way – reflecting people living habits and life through their own lifestyle, age, visual expression, and surroundings.

Many thanks to all fashion brands that participated with me in creating this project.

Hope you enjoy it!

Projekat: Thomy Mayonnaise
Klijent: Nestle – Thomy
Brend: Thomy
Produkcija: Artvark
Agencija: Leo Burntett
Direktor fotografije: Aleksandar Bracinac
Reditelj: Djorjde Jovanovic
Montaža: Dragan Stajkic
Stilista: Bojana Ugresic
Šminker: Gordana Rodic
Posebna zahvalnost: Benetton Novi Sad, Sisley Novi Sad, Sting Urban Store, Beosport Serbia
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