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Željko Vasić – Večiti romantik (Music Video)

- Music Video -

Amazing video for new Zeljko Vasic song is placed in Kombank Dvorana space in Belgrade. It was real pleasure to collaborate with amazing team of musical and visual artists during this project. We choose casual elegance look- Hugo Boss black jeans and total Hugo Boss black elegant look –Suit, tie and black shirt-to reflect romantic, passionate and elegant atmosphere of the video trough the wardrobe style of the singer.

For ballet dancers we wanted simplicity and elegance with attitude so silky asymmetrical skirt and layers of silk in powdery rose tone of dress with feather embroidery details-custom made in our atelier for girl and black dance pants for dancer with white clean shirt and vest were our choice this time.

Scene design, lightning and total atmosphere of the video reflected emotion of the song, so costume followed that vibe.
Special thanks to our friends from Sisley and Benetton Novi Sad, Urban Shop, Movem fashion sho and Beosport for details and clothing elements for total looks in video.

Projekat: Music Video
Pevač: Željko Vasić
Izvršni producent: Zeljko Vasic
Direktor fotografije: Dusan Ivanovic
Reditelj i Direktor fotografije: Goran Djukanovic
Stilista i Dizajner: Bojana Ugresic
Koreograf: Milan Gromlic
Glumac: Milan Rus
Glumica: Tijana Sebez
Muzika: Vuk Matic
Tekst pesme: Vuk Matic
Master: Lazar Milic, Zeljko Vasic,
Oznaka i autorska prava: Global Music
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